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Author: Subject: Quick Guide for eJ - Beta version
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posted on 6-20-2003 at 10:27 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Quick Guide for eJ - Beta version

stsirois made a point in another thread, that it might not be that easy for a new user to use eJ. So I tried to make a quick-guide explaining the most basic features. Please feel free to comment or make suggestion on what should be included/excluded and I´ll compile it all into one thread.


1: Minimize or close eJ
2: Displays the title and artist of the song playing currently. eJ get it's information from the ID tag, if such a tag is not specified, it gets it's information from the filename "artist - title.mp3"
3: Shows the album that is currently playing. eJ gets the covers from the net, searching for the album name and artist, if the album name is not specified, it gets it from the artist name and song title.
4: Hide/shows the soundcontrol
5: Slider that shows how much of the current song has been played. You can grap the slider and move it to whatever position you like in the song.
6: Shows how much of the current song has been played, in minuttes and seconds. You choose between time played or time remaining simply by clicking on it.
7: Pause and next song button
8: Start/stop the winamp visualization
9: Preferences. You exit the preferences with this button aswell
10: Hide all the panels and leave only the "Now playing" window open
11: Preferences for the playlist.
12: Playlist. Songs are added simply by clicking on the song name
13: Navigation through the previously opened windows
14: Go to the start page, like the one below
15: Browse through the artists you have in your database
16: Browse through the albums you have in your database
17: Browse through the 20 biggest genre in your database
18: Browse songs by year
19: See the 200 most popular songs in your database, sorted by artist name
20: The special menu containing bookmarks, last played menu, newest songs added to your database
21: Enter/Exit fullscreen mode
22: Search function. eJ will search artist/title/year/genre/album containing your search word all at once, so be specific.
23: Shows the top 10 songs that have been played the most
24: Shows the top 30 artist that have been played the most
25: Browse through the top artist
26: Shows the 5 most popular albums with covers
27: Statistics shows how many songs there is in your database, also shows how many unique songs that have been played this day, meaning a song that have never been played before.
28: Options You can reset the popularity stats, meaning removing all information on how many times a song has been played. This will remove top artist, top songs, top albums, it will also affect the popularity mode.
29: Hide/Show the bottom panel
30: Hide/Show the side panel
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posted on 6-20-2003 at 10:28 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote

Q: How do I add more songs to my eJ?
A: Go into the preferences[9]/Update database/Next/Add new Music files to your eJukebox Database/Specify Folder
to search in - Choose the folder and prees ok. eJ will automatticly go to newest songs in the special menu[20]
when it's done

Q: How do I add a song to the playlist?
A: Simply browse through your songs, when you found a song you want to hear, click the song title and it will
go into the playlist. You can also drag the song icon next to the title and drop it onto the desired position in the playlist.

Q: How do I skip the playlist and play the song at once?
A: As Above only press the small mp3 icon between the Artist name and Song title, this will make it play at

Q: How do I remove a song from the playlist?
A: Hold the cursor over the song in the playlist, thereby highlighting it, press Delete and it's gone or click
on the number to it's left and press delete

Q: How do a change the order of songs in my playlist?
A: Highlight the song, grap it by left clicking on it, then move it up or down to the location where you want
it or click on the number to it's left and use the Move up and Move down buttons

Q: I don't want Britney Spears to be in my top 10, how do I remove it?
A: Rightclick on the song and choose "remove"reset song's popularity"

Q: I formatted my HD and now my serial number doesn't work anymore?
A: email eJ on with your new application ID# that is on the copy of eJukebox that is
installed on the newly formatted drive. Then they will deactivate your old code and email you back a new
registration code

Q: Dows eJ support Ogg Vorbis?
A: It plays all the the fileformats that winamp plays. Though it can't read the ID tag on the Ogg Vorbis, it
will define the artist and title from the filename "Artist - song title"

Q: What are the keyboard shortcuts for eJ?
A: You can see them all here
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posted on 6-20-2003 at 08:50 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Good job. Its pretty complete, but what might help newbies just as much might be an exploration of the "Options", and the panels and settings underneath. Explanations of the Modes (soon to change though, as we know) and of all of the lovely checkboxes and buttons we've all learned about the hard way.

Also (and this is harder to do) all of the "right click" and drag and drop stuff possible throughout the program, little quirks about how clicking in different regions makes different things pop up, etc. (you go into this a bit in the Q&A for the playlist, but it applies elsewhere too). Tag editing is one I think you should avoid for now. Tough thing to desribe properly. But the info links, quick pick options, where to access them, bookmarks, etc.? Maybe.
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posted on 6-21-2003 at 02:53 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Great initiative, Blaze!!! Very nice job! I agree with jhlurie, too, though that's a lot of work to describe all of the little tricks he mentioned.

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posted on 6-21-2003 at 11:50 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I'll see what I can figure out about that. Thanks for the response.
And thank you audiosoft for making this sticky:cool:
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posted on 6-21-2003 at 12:58 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Bravo Blaze!

I would like to contribute to that, me too! But I think my english is too bad.
Maybe one day, for the french translation...


:cool: Pirk
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posted on 6-23-2003 at 10:36 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
These are the menues you will find under the preferences[9]


Play mode/Popularity mode
Here you can set up what you want your eJ to play when there are no songs in the playlist
The top slider sets how many times a song at least should have been picked, before it's active in this mode.
The bottom slider set how many time a song at the most should have been picked, before it's active in this mode.
As you move the sliders you can see the number of song active in this mode decrease and increase depending on wich direction you move the slider. When you satisfied just leave it and it will activate when there are no songs in your playlist.
-Set default, will move the slider 1/4 to the right
-Start now will empty you playlist and activate this mode

Play mode/Custom mode
Here you can set different parameters to select wich songs should play when the playlist is empty
For example you can set it to
"Artist = Robbie williams"
"Not_Album = Escapology"
"Or_Artist = Audioslave"
This will make it play songs with Robbie Williams but not with songs from his new album, and play songs from the band Audioslave.
If you don't want to hear children songs, just leave the top field blank and set it to "Not_Genre = Children"
If you have the proper ID tags of course.
-Include Popularity Mode's settings will, as the title say, include the settings from you popularity mode with the custom mode and make a blend.
-Start now will empty you playlist and activate this mode

Playmode/Playlist mode
Here you can set it to play songs from a playlist you made yourself, when the eJ playlist is empty
-Load playlist. ´his of course loads what playlist you want
-Maintain track order, does what it says :) You can set where you want it start playing in the playlist, by typing any number, it will then play the number right after the one you chosen.
-Radomize, will do just that to your playlist
-Start now will empty you playlist and activate this mode

Whatever setting you leave it on will be the one active when there are no songs in your playlist. Meaning if you leave it on playlist, then it will play that list until you change it to popularity mode or custom mode.
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posted on 9-19-2003 at 11:13 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
HOW TO: When No Album Image is Found for a Song

Right click the song and select Edit to open the song editor. Click the "Auto Lookup Album Image" button. Make sure you have the artist and title (or artist and album if you select the 2nd option) spelled correctly in the editor when you do the lookup or it will not be able to find an album/cover image. Also, if you have things in (...) in the fields you should remove the lookup...then add the (...) back. Click Go to perform the lookup.

If no album image is found for the song we recommend that you click the album INFO button on the editor so that you can navigate to the cover image on allmusic guide. Then right click the image and copy its url location. Click "Use Image from..." on the editor...paste the url image location in the Internet field and click Go. Then click the "Set4all" button - this will permanetly encode/store the image itself into all the mp3 files with this album.

:cool: Audiosoft
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posted on 10-24-2017 at 10:00 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
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Autoimmune warning signs are caused as a result of dysfunction to your immune system to your body which is not going to recognize our body and affects body parts of the body and brands assuming any theifs to generally be unknown. This means specific evidences which mode above 160 several autoimmune disorders entities. Conservative modern day treatment is by using immune deals using steroids together with various immunosuppressant remedy. This means temporary improvement while in the symptoms;
Concerning dedicated considerably attention, towards your ways someone might come to be a more effective, better standard! Like most things around daily life, simplest option to proceed, is by using, baby hints, because, regularly, one perils, trying to turn into people they're possibly not, and rather than doing what exactly has her abilities, approach together with identity, perfect, tries for a clone utilizing others! Rather than trying to generatte drastic, notable changes, the next few paragraphs will basically, examine, moreover discuss, 6 subdued improvements,
Just like you begin an individual's brand-new twelve months, it's natural that they can be thinking available for changing your quality of life around moreover reflecting slightly the amount precisely everyone seriously desire off from the next three years and supplemental. Have you undoubtedly made plenty of personal improvement plans and likewise resolutions? Brand-new thought to educate all by yourself self-development skills, or perhaps realise you are in bricks-and-mortar contour? Pick your advertising and marketing? Quit implementing cigarettes? Is him or her perhaps eliminating alcohol off from your daily life? Make your financial resources if you want?
How that will swap your everyday living around by just personal loan modification and self-growth brands exist for the wishing to build for attaining your goal, and have actually emotional movability while standard of living a completely happy life. There are particular platforms utilizing self-improvement on the market.
The primary roadblock as a way to improvement for the once-a-week golfing enthusiast is certainly baffling produce plus benefit. The same exact misconception is merely believing the golf swing sequence is sometimes controlled in terms of conscious deemed. Your swing is usually a product utilizing muscle reminiscence. How run we improve effective bulging memory? Your first move is identifying the day to day elements and likewise positions connected to every efficient swing.
This article is probably going to provide strategies and option for entrepreneurs at the start a new customers and alongside one another, suggests tendencies for presently present small businesses. To get hold of existing organisations, this ad has here is how to cause them to be much stronger. For beginners, all any steps needed have.
It reported that others therapy moreover marriage figuring out are briefer in comparison with special procedure, which client satisfaction and effortless improvement shall be rather terrific. I confirmed that that which is very substantially a frank and sincere dialog among consumers, "who've long been there, " any step into the concern for if spousal relationship sessions works is usually a favorable people.
An post on the elements to build and understand more about consider when two hundred thousand dollar web style and design firm to build your page. A exhaustive outline using what to search for and tips on how to evaluate an individual's potential online development company and likewise agency. Know one must always the online world design process and tips on how to streamline the internet development process.
As That i actually was on the search for a more exhaustive and tailor-made clarification to your importance of webpage design I recently found a provider from She uk the fact that gifted me a seriously detailed description. I knew relating to a couple uses over the good webpage design, but Webpage design Bournemouth showed clearly me any doorway associated with a different world to carry out by clarifying the importance of a steady website style and design.
Whether somebody's vision is merely rapid improvements, higher yields, stakeholder value or less-than-perfect quality improvement, getting presently there starts in terms of understanding what must be done to head to your desired goals. The good first step is certainly an intention diagnosis for present-day illnesses, commonly categorised as being an experditions assessment or sometimes GAP Investigation.
Completely upgrading a building is not really essential to make a living in financial commitment housing. The majority moments, if you will have bought superior, you will likely not have to use a huge benefits against an individual's investment house. Look to build places that wants only some work. Which include, look in your property that will be run down when using the outside, but won't have major care.
Players truly fascinated by overall improvement within their total games might possibly be wise take into account making time for any elements for golf. Rather in comparison with the game remaining segregated within comprehensive action, simple recreation, together with having, the supplemental astute game enthusiasts recognize quantity division: practical, physical, neural, and tactical sections.
The P-method taught while in the all-encompassing bust guide, 'Real Chest area, Real Health' shows you how to carryout a decision the numerous healthy moreover safe option for bust-ful improvement (NBE and likewise BA) sans a good risks utilizing breast many different types of cancer or simply needless suffering from the injectables for ruptured and likewise old seeping implants.
Consistency during golf is a must for growth plus shooting more inexpensive rounds. Development utilizing consistency in your swing clinics around our physical structures and a good mechanics to your swing. Both to your entities need to get training in case success into the golf tuition is wished-for.
Will you actually relatively hear stategies to learn due to someone that will be already an intense accomplished golfing enthusiast? Would a pair with Jack port Nicholas VERY SERIOUSLY help somebody's game? "Just conduct genital herpes virus treatments do, it is actually straightforward! " Or simply might everyone rather study at a amateur, who may be aware any struggles, the streamlined improvements moreover remembers anyone early different types that bring about greater attaining your goal?
A Taking part in golf special exercise appointment designed particularly in your natural limitations provides you with the greatest means the easiest time. You probably may not be interested usual approach, but I'll inform you of actually extremely with, this may be a missing visit your golf swing sequence growth. The bricks-and-mortar capacities necessitate your golf swing sequence. There is not a other strategy to put him or her.
Stress may be a weathering to your body take advantage of or diminished which as many as certain point triggers a good supercharge during yields or simply diverse health and wellbeing symptoms. To ensure you must regulate worry, keep it in hand and put it to use for folk's benefit moreover improvement. Exercise succeeds miracles tool to do this.
For plenty of people, their home is certainly an financial commitment. People picked up them primarily, pay the balance of house finance loan product, and build improvements to being able to increase the excess value. When him or her comes time to be able to sell their house, their solution has with any luck increased approximately value and they will come at a distance having specially designed money.
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