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Author: Subject: Hardwood floor protective coat floor wax
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Hardwood floor protective coat floor wax

Floor wax is oily semisolid at high temperatures, hard solid at low temperatures, rapidly infiltrating into the material, buffing with a high speed polisher or scrubber, giving the ground a high gloss,composite flooring ideas outdoor

high wear resistance and sealing effect , So that the surface of the wooden floor to form a hard protective film, non-slip, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, effectively prevent moisture, oil and other substances erosion. With the increasingly widespread use of wood floors, floor wax products are also more and more. Floor wax endless market, so that consumers do not know how to choose, let us recognize the floor wax really.
Floor wax in three forms, solid, paste and liquid, solid wax which due to inconvenient use of the sales volume showed a decreasing trend, compared with paste and liquid wax sales are thriving. Floor wax is the most important role in the protective film formed on the floor,price of vinyl fencing installed

glazing, extending the life of the floor, so that the floor more beautiful. Taking a common floor wax as an example, its main components are palm wax, Marseille soap, oleic acid, sodium hydroxide and water. Palm wax is palm leaf processing, mainly played the effect of polishing; Marseille soap and sodium hydroxide as a detergent added to the formula; oleic acid is used as a regulator to increase the degree of mixing of several substances . Such a seemingly simple formula, can play a protective floor, scratch-resistant,12 x 14 vinyl pergola

corrosion-resistant, anti-moth-eaten role.
In the daily maintenance of the floor before, should carefully clean the floor, and then use the bottom wax to be dried with a clean cotton cloth or wax machine to avoid high-gloss floor wax evenly coated the ground until completely dry, and then painted 1 ~ 2 layers,cost of pvc ceiling planks

dry it. Each waxing must wait for a layer of wax dry, to a layer of wax, to be completely dry after polishing. If only the maintenance of some areas only repair wax can be. Over time, frequent activities of the wax surface area will be severely worn, you need to clean the floor of the wax layer, with a wax cleaner can do a good job, after cleaning still need to wax polishing again.
The use of floor wax is indeed a risk, the floor wax is flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Especially in the process of waxing, the floor wax in the volatile material will become solid attached to the floor,wooden fence for nice villas

then the volatile matter content in the air gradually increased, to meet the fire flammable level. Therefore, when the floor waxing should be window ventilation, so floor wax volatile chemical concentration will be reduced will not cause harm, and do not smoke in the waxing sites and try not to use gas and other electrical equipment.
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