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Author: Subject: This kind of sound is like

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This kind of sound is like

This kind of sound is like "big beads and beads falling on the jade plate", and it is like a wall on the wall all day long, no matter how far away, the distance is not a long monster. A sound, not annoying. It seems to have a kind of magic power, so that the listener is also like a water stop.n afraid of the autumn festival, �j Huang Hua leaves decline ..." , only words can keep the pace of time, keep the scratches of the soul. In this moment of leisure, I can't help but blame the time and miss the person who was taken away by time Free Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes.unt died a few years ago, I know things late, her memory is a bit fuzzy, but several scenes are surprisingly clear.ere seems to be no shortage of candy in her pocket Newport Cigarettes On Apple Store. Every time I see you, I am very happy, like seeing my daughter. She will give me some ginseng like a thief in the angle that my parents can't see (because my parents forbid me to eat sugar, it means it will break the teeth) And said: "Eat it", this move is very inconsistent with her image, because she has always been Wen's elegant wife and mother in front of everyone. At the beginning, I still had some swearing to refuse, but after all, I couldn��t resist the sweet temptation and the expectation of my aunt Cigarettes Cheap Marlboro 100. I was slowly rude, and sometimes I still looked at her. Looking at me chewing sugar, her 15 degrees of constant angle will also tilt up to 25 degrees. Once, she was almost found. In the half second of her mother's turn, she hit a spirit and left the sugar. Throwed to the ground and kicked under the table. When the mother turned around again, we all smiled. I was seven years old, I went to her house and saw that she was taking care of her grandmother. The grandmother Buy Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale, who is inconvenient to move, holds the wheelchair as carefully as a baby. Pushed to the balcony, holding a comb to sort out the slightly white hair, the movement is gentle and slow. In the case of knotting, hold the upper part of the hair with one hand and carefully separate the knot with the other hand. Her face was full of focus, and even when I approached, I was not aware of it. The grandmother's face in a wheelchair was filled with happiness. There is no words between the mother and the daughter, but in the sun, the onlookers enjoy this warm silence. Comb down at one time, but did not fall off the hair. the day when my aunt left, I was still dreaming. She even took a quiet night and rushed to the hospital Cheap Malboro Cigarettes Wholesale. I was still unbelievable. It was like a dream, overlapping, and it was difficult to accept such a good person. ...mories carefully. We are no longer sad, leaving only the accompanying memories, let us cherish the life we ??still have. Have a leisure time and taste the time.
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