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Author: Subject: Happiness is like light

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Happiness is like light

Happiness is like light, lighting up the unfortunate haze; happiness is like water, moisturizing the long-suffering mountain fields; happiness can also be like flowers Carton Of Marlboro Reds, blooming at that moment.The faint gray powerlessness lingers on the sky, and the rainy weeks of continuous weeks make the world feel weak. I am lazy to move the nib, and it is difficult to write weekly essays. Use your fingers to arbitrarily arrange a few strings of notes Cigarettes Cheaper, and look at the sky from the bottom of your eyes.Without any warning, suddenly a few yangs emerged from the clouds. The overflow came, and it poured out, and the joy of my eyes poured down. If I crossed the golden river, I spilled it on my desk and sprinkled it on my pen tip. The light and lively elf, naughtyly lit up every dark gray in my room, lit up a thing that I hadn't touched for a long time!The sun is getting stronger, just like the flute blows out the strongest sound. The world was stained with color, and people��s faces reappeared with a smile.Flowering.Happiness blooms! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the blossoming of a bunch of flowers blossomed! In my heart Marlboro Gold Pack, on the face, a little flower blooms in every corner of the sun! It��s just a moment, the second that all life can watch, blooms! The haze was indented into the darkness along with laziness Marlboro Gold, and the sun continued to follow my gaze and flew over the clouds.When you have come back to the world, the world has changed, and all life together with the earth smiles and faces the blue sky. My nose tip moved and filled Zhou's vacancy: "Where is happiness? What is happiness? Happiness is actually a flower bud Marlboro Cigarettes Online, it can bloom at every moment, but you need to use the sun to dispel the darkness that wraps her."At what moment does happiness bloom? Happiness blooms at every moment! Use the light to ignite the emotion that sleeps in your heart, waiting for the "the moment" of its germination.
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