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Author: Subject: Throughout the ages

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Throughout the ages

Throughout the ages, Mother Earth has nurtured countless children and grandchildren with sweet milk. The original she was decorated by the juniors. But now, there are wasteful resources and environmental damage everywhere in life - the taps keep flowing out of the clear tap water, but the water users don't know where to go; the room is lit with electric lights, TV, and the house is empty for a long time: street There are rubbish everywhere: the fallen branches are floating on the river... This is a similar phenomenon, these can be seen everywhere, can we do small things, can we not make it bhave heard a story about water: people are rich in life, always wasting water, and as a result, water is used up. The grass is not born on earth Marlboro Cigarettes Price, animals and humans are dying... The result of wasting water is too heavy, and people can��t thinkearth is where our human beings live. It is as generous as the mother to provide us with living resources and conditions. All kinds of treasures in the world that are worth cherishing should be cherished Cigarettes For Sale. Otherwise, when you lose it, you will be very sorry for why you were so profligate, why didn't you find it so important to yourself? Therefore, we should cherish resources, but definitely not from the perspective of money Wholesale Cigarettes, but for our own lives, for the life of all things in the world. Therefore, everyone must protect the earth Marlboro Lights, cherish natural resources and protect the environment!I don't have a vast book of books, and I don't have any talents that are different from others; I don't have the pride of being a bad writer, and I don't want to be prepared to read thousands of books and travel thousarich my knowledge. In fact, it is even more understanding of the cold and warmth of the world. "The book has its own Yan Ruyu." "The book has its own gold house." These have no use for me, they are just a advertised list for me.kes me face choices. But always, after the choice, what is obtained is far beyond the expectations the heart slams our hearts. Her garden is not what she is beautiful, how good it is. It is the simplest love in the depths of the soul. "I am more than the bride" gives the inferior girls a strong self-confidence, warming the cold place of inferiority; "Can I hold you?" gives the orphans an optimistic will, let them feel: me! Not an orphan! "The boy who loves to find things" brings us a little boy's happiness from a small age, let us swept away my heart; "Thirteen-year-old secret" is Yu Jun's sister's understanding of adolescence Parliament Cigarettes, let us have a happy puberty. Her campus, different years, different feelings. The ups and downs between the classmates, "The nickname is like a strange bean" gives the nickname full of care and full of jokes, the atmosphere, extraordinary; "single-winged angels are not alone" to the single-parent family's heart is missing Part of the filling is full; "No secrets grow up" grows up in the learning life, secrets in the learning life, no secrets really grow up; "God will love stupid children" to give those children with average grades and talghts, superhuman courage, wealthy wisdom, and an interesting adventure. "Island Emergency Call" a team of tacit cooperation and a team of super courage, you, to try; "The Bay of the Deadly Killer" allows you to see in the relaxed atmosphere can see the great difference between good and evil in the world; "The 13-meter underground prison" allows you to see the bottomless greed of mankind in a tense environment and seemingly false events; "The Woman in White in the Forest" lets us know that it seems like world peace, and the pebehind the truth and gives you sharp thinking.
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