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EJukebox v5.71
Audiosoft - 6-5-2012 at 07:04 AM

What's New in EJukebox v5.71:
-can now click the x to hide ads that appear on flash youtube playback
-now shows "EJ" search button on video details view and "Add to EJ Playlist" links on full internet videos search
-artist list name click now searches for internet videos when on internet videos search and when viewing the playing video's details
-added ||| link (search videos 3 column full sized) before NetRelated:On/Off on the songlist
-new i button on internet video search that can pull wikis with images for artist names and link to related videos

Have been working hard to fully integrate web content. It can be really powerful when you combine the i button with internet video searches and the EJ playlist. Let me know what you think.

Full and Upgrade installers are now available for v5.71 at
For smallest download do Tools->Check for New Version in EJukebox
Note: If it errors during the Live Update download and run the Upgrade from

Audiosoft - 6-5-2012 at 07:10 PM the ||| link on the bottom of the songlist OR right click in the artist list and select "Internet Videos" to enter this mode

Audiosoft - 6-6-2012 at 03:36 AM

BTW EJukebox runs great on Win8 Release Preview :D
Only a few more months until IE10 EJ skins on Win7 and Win8 intel/amd tablets!

Well_Jaggy - 6-11-2012 at 06:54 PM

nice updates

still have the problem with the multiple covers on compilations though and its very annoying. can that be looked at next?

Audiosoft - 6-13-2012 at 02:35 AM

Well Jaggy,