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After winning the World Cup championship this summer
xingwang - 9-14-2018 at 02:19 AM

Although Loew said that he would contact ?zil, it may be due to personal friendship, but it does not rule out the possibility that the German coach will persuade ?zil to return to Germany. After all, the German midfielder is only 29 years old, he still Can contribute his energy to the Germanic Legion, Loew said before the ?zil closed the German team door, it may also be arrogant.

Recently, Manchester United midfielder Bogba’s remarks constantly challenged the patience and bottom line of the fans. After the match of France vs Germany yesterday, Bogba also uploaded two of FIFA Coins his and Mbabe, Gretz Man spoke photos and completely angered Manchester United fans, many people even slammed Bogba and rushed to get out!

Last season, because of his unstable performance, Bogba was placed on the bench by Mu Shuai from time to time. After winning the World Cup championship this summer, the Frenchman’s performance has not improved much. It is still a bad one. He also said that he “does not dare to say too much to be punished.” He also publicly stated that he did not know himself. Where is the future