EJukebox Features

  • Visual Interface and Database for Your Music, Video and Movie Collection
  • Automatically Downloads Album Cover Art
  • Lists and Plays related YouTube videos
  • Access your database remotely over Wireless, LAN, PC, Tablet or Phone
  • Display Video on a 2nd Monitor, HDMI, HDTV or TV
  • Automatically imports tags from your hard drive's audio and video files.
  • Optionally synchronize audio playback with Winamp.
  • Use your Mouse, Touchscreen, Keyboard, Windows Media Remote Controller.
  • Customize everything with tons of options and editable skins.
  • Keep the music going with smart AutoPlay modes.
  • Schedule AutoPlay selection changes by time and days of the week.
  • Use the Built-in Web Browser to surf the web without popups.
  • Lock the interface full screen for parties with Kiosk Mode!

    More Detail...

    Fast CD Ripper converts Audio CDs directly to MP3s! Automatic full ID3v2 tagging with album cover art and track details based on CDDB lookup.

    Album Cover Art is automatically downloaded for your songs when its not already in the id3 tag or in the folder as cover.jpg, folder.jpg, Front.jpg. You can make edits with the Song Tag Editor on all the tag fields listed below and the changes will be saved to your database plus when possible the file tag:

    Audio files supported:
    *Reads Tag on Import/Writes Tag on Editor for Artist, Track #, Title, Album, Genre, Year

    • MP3 (.mp3) * plus Album Cover Art, Lyrics, Compilation, Pick Count, Star Rating
    • MPEG-4 Audio (.mp4,.m4a) * plus Compilation and Cover Art
    • Windows Media Audio (.wma) * plus Star Rating and Cover Art
    • FLAC (.flac) * plus Compilation and Cover Art
    • AAC (.aac) *
    • Ogg (.ogg) *
    • Monkey's Audio (.ape) *
    • MusePack (.mpc) *
    • WavPack (.wv)

    Video files supported:

    • MPEG (.mpeg .mpg .m2v)
    • Matroska (.mkv) HD container 720p/1080 5.1 AC3
    • Windows Media Video (.wmv)
    • Advanced Streaming Format (.asf)
    • AVI (.avi)
    • Flash Video (.flv)

    Song/Video information is determined for files without tags by the folder\file name.
    i.e. Artist - Album (Year)\(Track#) Artist - Title.xxx and shorter variations.

    EJukebox will play other file extensions if you download the appropriate ffdshow codec. It will import other extensions if you play the file in Winamp while 'Use Winamp' is enabled under the green Sound tab. Ask in the forums if you would like a new extension added to automatted database import.

    EJukebox also supports dual screens with one screen dedicated to video and one to your collection via the Tools->Options->SOUND tab->Video Position button

    Playback Method Option:

    · DirectShow (Internal): Advantages: Integrated Video Playback inside EJukebox window. Click and Resize or Double Click for Fullscreen. Everything runs under EJukebox.exe and there is no external player process. Can utilize DirectShow (ffdshow) and K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. HD Video and 5.1/AC3 audio supported. Cons: Limited Shoutcast Internet Radio Support. No Winamp plugin support.

    · Winamp (External): Advantages: Full Winamp Visualization/DSP Plugin Support. Full Shoutcast Internet Radio Support. Shoutcast Internet Radio Broadcast Server Support. Cons: Video played in external winamp window rather than inside EJukebox. To get around this EJukebox has an option to use the internal player for video files and winamp for audio.

    AutoPlay Modes:

    AutoPlay Modes go into effect when there are no songs in the playlist. When enabled EJukebox will continuously play unique songs based on your criteria until you add a song to the playlist. The 'Up Next' display above the empty playlist shows the AutoPlay selection. You may skip the current selection before it plays and have EJukebox load a different one by clicking NEXT.

    · Popularity Play Mode: Automatically have random songs played based on how often you have played them before or based on 5 star rating system (or a Hybrid of both). You select the level of popularity and it lets you know how many songs will be used.

    · Custom Play Mode: Use Auto List Builder / AutoPlay Mixer to set random selection criteria or use old Custom mode to automatically have songs played based on your and/or/not query on the Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Year fields in the music database. It lets you know how many songs match your query and will be used.

    · Bookmark Mode: Automatically have songs played from EJukebox bookmarks or your playlist files. Can specifiy if you want them to play randomly or in the playlist's order.

    Compatible with Windows Media Remote Controllers

    Comprehensive Kiosk Mode for parties or public places where you do not want the rest of the computer accessible.

    Optional 2Web Interface for controlling EJukebox remotely from a web browser on a local network or across the internet. PocketPC Compatible.

    Extensive Song Information/Tag Editor.

    Winamp Visualization and DSP plugin support. Shoutcast Internet Radio Support.

    3D Album Carousel allows rotational viewing of top albums by artist or category when album list closed.

    Album List allows viewing all albums with cover images seperated by artist name or in a grid style. Customize the album list look from the albums options button.

    Song List shows songs sorted by Artist -> Album -> Track# and displays cover images next to albums. View Genre / Year / Most Popular, Artist, Album, or Custom Search song lists.

    Artist List allows for viewing all your artists in a long scrollable list.

    Real-Time Top10 Style Listing of your most played songs, artists and albums.

    Drag and Drop Artists, Albums or Songs to Playlist. Maintains track order for dropped Albums.

    User Created Skins . Skin Edit Menu helps you create the skin of your dreams!

    Enjoy relevant Customizable Internet Links such as lyrics, artist pictures, music videos, album and artist info for each track via right click.

    Print Song Lists with full graphical formatting.

    Bookmark Songs to custom categories

    Optional synthesized Voice Announce of current song's title and artist.

    Plus so MUCH MORE!


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