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Lowercase with (French) Accents
Alpheratz13 - 11-11-2008 at 09:21 AM


I just discovered that if one uses the characters "Accents" in a title or name of the group, all titles or name of the group to become tiny.

Group Name: Alizée = alizée
Title: Amelie M'a Dit = amélie m'a dit

As against, if I remove accents, all become normal.

Example 2:
Group Name: Alizee = Alizee
Title: Amelie M'a Dit = Amelie M'a Dit

Perhaps you are aware.
This bug is minor, but a little embarrassing.

What to do?

Good day

(Traduction by Google)

I have version 4.90



Je viens découvrir que si on sert les caractères "Accents" dans un titre ou nom du group, tous les titres ou nom du group devenir à minuscule.

Exemple :
Nom du Group : Alizée = alizée
Titre : Amélie M'a Dit = amélie m'a dit

Par contre, si je l'enlever les accents, tout devenir normal.

Exemple 2 :
Nom du Group : Alizee = Alizée
Titre : Amelie M'a Dit = Amelie M'a Dit

Peut-être vous êtes au courant.
Ce bug c'est mineur, mais un peu gênant.

Que faire?

Bonne journée


J'ai la version 4.90

Pirk - 11-12-2008 at 10:20 AM

Hi Alpheratz13,
I'm not aware of that. I have a lot of French titles and artists and I never noticed this issue.

Vive la France! :D ;)

Audiosoft - 11-12-2008 at 10:16 PM this only in the artist list? wonder if using 'small caps' in the .dis files would fix this?

font-variant: small-caps;

Check out the RedWhiteBlue skin which uses small-caps and see if that helps

Alpheratz13 - 11-13-2008 at 11:16 PM

Hi AudioSoft & Pirk,

Sorry for my late replay.
I have make an screenshot and you will understand better.
I talk about Capitalize First Letter (Upper first letter)

Here is my exemple :

You can see, on every line with Accents are in lower first letters and others without Accents are normally characters.

No, it's not only in artist name, but also in titles, if you can see.

Pirk or/and Audiosoft :

Try with Tag&Rename (without Unicode), tags yours mp3 2 times, first time with accents and scan with ejukebox and after you do second time the same but this time normally, so without Accents.
And you see the different.

It's works with all skins, except of course, those skin like RedWhiteBlue, because the titles and artists names are all in Capitalize letters.
And i want only in Upper First Letters (Capitalize First Letters), with and without Accents.

You can Capitalize First Letters by you self, but if you have a lots mp3 with accents, it's a lots of work, so it's better automatic (Scanner by Ejukebox), no ?

If i said before, it's an minor bug.

In the beginning, i through the problem comes by Tags&Rename, but i did an test (same what i said fews lines before) and is not the fault of Tags&Rename.

But Ejukebox become better and better and nicer too ;)


I hope that understood this little minor bug ;)

Pirk - 11-14-2008 at 10:25 AM

Irving & Audiosoft,

I'm not sure but I think that could have to do with the "Do not perform case fixing" eJukebox option. Personally I check this option systematically each time I import new albums in eJ. So eJukebox don't change the tags I just edited in Tag&Rename..
So in fact I don't know how eJukebox deals with accents and automatic case fixing, but I think automatic case fixing is only usable with English titles. In French we capitalize only the first word of each sentence. But nevertheless we capitalize proper names (first names and names, place and town names..)

Alpheratz13 - 11-14-2008 at 05:23 PM

Hi Pirk,

Thanks, i did not knew about "Do not perform case fixing", and it's works great, thanks a lots.

Except 1 thing, it's don't really works on "Genre"

Here is the screenshot.

You can see 2 different way, In the red, you see lower letters, but you see in the blue, it's normal with accents and Capitalize First Letters.

But more better with "Do not perform case fixing".

Thank for your help.

Pirk - 11-14-2008 at 07:21 PM


I think the red way is a kind of "reminiscence" (from the eJukebox database) of a previous album import before you used the "Do not perform case fixing" option.