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EJukebox v5.18
Audiosoft - 6-20-2010 at 02:54 PM

What's new v5.18 June 20th, 2010
-updated A5 Blue skin all installers including Live Update
-added < Load Playlist output method button to List Builder
-List Builder's genre and artist list boxes are now taller if screen height > 600
-Updated alert message for Windows7 when using Large Fonts DPI with XP scaling checked
-Major Improvements for controlling EJukebox with Infrared-RF remote controller and keyboard numpad
-added global Keyboard shortcuts that will work even when EJukebox is not focused:
SHIFT+CTRL+B Previous Song REV
-Remote control Play/pause/ff/rev/ buttons now work when EJ focused
-when focused remote control Record button plays the current track or album when pressing 2 or 3 then <- OK -> to select songlist tracks/albums
-Remote control previous/next/stop do not need focus
-hold down previous and next to ff and rev seek without focus
-Remote controller Channel up and down now moves artistlist and albumlist a-z
-updated artistlist <- -> key selection so it shows the artist name in the main title
-updated songlist <- -> key selection to use skin's titleedithi and hi version of the artist and album highlight instead of using the old keybrdhi background color in songlist.dis
-fixed songlist <- -> selection was requiring 2 key presses to select the next track
-fixed ALT+Letter was not jumping the artist and album list
-updated 2 key to minimize the album list when it focuses the songlist
-fixed using 5 and then <- -> keys to move selection in the artist list so it does not keep repeating after you let go of the key
-updated Home view so <- -> keys pass over the < > pagers for songs, artist, and albums
-added Keyboard/Remote control <- -> support for songlist NetRelated items. includes add to playlist and play now (* or Play remote controller key) functionality like the regular songlist tracks
-you can turn netrelated on and off and page next and previous as well but there is no highlight over those
-fixed previous list was loosing focus when video played
-added SHIFT+8 (* on remote) to restore video from fullscreen
-added SHIFT+3(# on remote) to set video fullscreen
-updated the top of Keyboard Shortcuts.txt
-updated again fixed video fullscreen button on remote was sometimes not working
-fixed video starting was sometimes was causing the songlist to lose focus

Full and Upgrade downloads are available for v5.18 at
For a smaller live update download in EJukebox do Tools->Check for new version

Pirk - 6-20-2010 at 08:14 PM

Magnificent work on the remote controller!

Thanks a lot. :cool: